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All the best new email features in iOS 16

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The iPhone mail app is a flagship product, but you rarely get a lot of things Love from apple.When iOS 16 But Apple has significantly improved the quality of life for email, including email scheduling, recalls, and reminders, making it more competitive with feature-rich email clients such as Spark.

While There are many great new email apps for iOS 16. this is Current, Public betaAnd are set to be released in autumn.. If you have a beta version, you can expect the following:

Schedule email

Image of article titled All Best New Email Features in iOS 16

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Finally, the ability to schedule emails is on the iPhone and iPad. Gmail users who don’t like using the Gmail app on their iPhone can be pleased.After composing the email, press and hold send button. “Send nowClick the button to see options for sending an email at night, the next morning, or at a custom time of your choice...

Remember the email

Undo sending with Apple Mail works just like any other app like Gmail. You can undo it within 10 seconds after sending the email. Tap the Cancel Send button from the toolbar at the bottom to cancel the message.

Get email reminders

Sometimes we I don’t want to process important emails at this time — bI want to remember It’s completely.. In the mail app, you can now set mail reminders even if you haven’t opened the mail. Swipe the email to the left and tap the “Later” button. You can now choose to notify this email within an hour, later in the day, the next day, or at a custom time.

Email will eventually get smart search suggestions

One of the things Mail struggles with is search (Gmail’s strength). Apple has significantly reduced the frustration of the search process in Mail. Type to get intelligent search results. Explain typos and synonyms.You’ll also quickly find rich content for shared media and messages. Start entering the search phrase.

Use focus to set boundaries at work

Use the new app filter feature in FocWe, You can select the email account you want to associate with the focus. When focus is enabled, you will only receive notifications from the selected account and mute notifications from other accounts (such as personal accounts). This is a great feature, and it’s a feature that allows more people to start using Focus on their iPhones.

Move to setting >> >> concentration >> >> Select focus >> >> App filter >> >> Post Set this.

Other changes in quality of life

The new email app has little change in quality of life.:

  • follow up: This feature allows you to move your email messages to the top of your inbox so you can send follow-up messages quickly.
  • No detailed notification: You will now be notified if the message does not have a recipient or attachment.
  • Rich link: Add rich link previews to your emails to add context at a glance.
  • Key sharing in the wallet: The wallet app key can be shared using the email app.

All the best new email features in iOS 16

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