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All new features in Chrome 103

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As reported by how-to nerdsChrome 103 reaches all users today Chromium-based browser user. The list of new features is small, but the desktop browser has three new options and Chrome on Android has one new change. If you want to speed up the loading of your website and block more notification prompts, we recommend updating to 103 as soon as possible.

((((Not like Last month’s Chrome 102 updateat this point It doesn’t seem to be included in 103 Patches for security vulnerabilities; If This update too Turned out to be a security patch, Not just Feature drop seems to be at the momentwe’Update this article. )

Websites need to load faster

With Chrome 103, Google’s browser now supports 103 early hint information responses (103 for each title is just a coincidence).). You can use this response code to preload the web page before clicking the link. This reduces load times by hundreds of milliseconds. It may sound like not too many, but Time, this short speed increase can save a significant amount of collective load on Chrome users time. How do you spend additional milliseconds?

There should be less notification prompts

How many websites do you have actually Need notification from?If you’re like me, the answer is “anything.. ” nevertheless So Many websites send a notification prompt each time they visit. Just in case You need to update Chrome continuously all day long (or accidentally click “Yes” when trying to remove them).

Chrome 103 addresses this issue: Using machine learning, Chrome now automatically blocks these prompts once. It has decided You don’t want to receive notifications from websites. personally, Block all notification requests completely I won’t complain, but that’s a step In the right direction.

Web apps can use fonts on your computer

Chrome 103 is the first time that a web app can be used without requesting fonts installed on your computer. authority. It’s a small change, but with PWA you should feel like a daily app.

Clean up new tabs on Android (Beta)

When you open a new tab in Chrome for Android, you’ll see the Discovery feed. This feed shows alerts and news that your browser may be interested in. However, most of us are not particularly interested in these highlights. If you open a new tab for obvious purposes. The beta version of Chrome 103 introduces a new flag to permanently remove Discover and Following feeds.

If you’re running a beta, go to chrome: // flags # feed-ablation and then enable the flags. From now on, when I open a new tab, I don’t see either the Discover or Following feeds. If you want to see them again, go back to the same flag URL and disable the flags.

New developer features

Every time Chrome is updated Introducing new developer features. I’m not a developer, so I don’t tend to benefit from these updates, but you can see a list of both goodies. Developer site When Chromium blog..

Chrome 103-What’s New in DevTools

How to update Google Chrome to version 103

To update Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser window and[ヘルプ]>[GoogleChromeについて]Choose. Allow Chrome to check for new updates. When 103 becomes available, it will be displayed here. Click “Restart” and Chrome 103 will be installed.

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All new features in Chrome 103

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