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All hidden iOS 16 features worth knowing

Images of an article titled All Hidden iOS 16 Features Worth Knowing All Hidden iOS 16 Features Worth Knowing

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Apple Many of What’s new in iOS 16 For iPhone in WWDC.If you’re following, you’re probably locking screen customization, an improved notification system, and The ability to edit and unsend messages, among other notable new options.However, Apple has a lot of hidden features did not do it I will mention either one.

I start from actual Hidden features, completely ignored by Apple. The company has always excluded features from the keynote (not enough time to cover them all), but the preview site lists most of the new options and changes. As you can see here..There are some outstanding For new features worth considering here, I’d like to first focus on features that weren’t on this list.

All these hidden features, First developer beta of iOS 16.. If you’re an Apple developer, or if you want to be one for a fee, you can still try the software today.Otherwise, you can live at a cost through these testers Until Apple releases a free public beta next month.

Tapback now works with SMS

I never thought Apple would adopt RCS, but —They should be perfect— IOS 16 improves group chat with Android phones. As you may know, when you like or love a message in any of these group chats, everyone receives the full message instead of the handy icon you normally see in iMessage threads. Instead of “thumbs up” to the message “Do you want to watch a movie tonight?” Everyone gets: “Jake wants to watch a movie tonight?”

This hell is gone, At least not on iOS 16.. As long as your iPhone is updated, you’ll see a tapback in your message instead of the text that everyone hates. Google has already implemented this change on AndroidTherefore, neither side of the chat needs to address this issue (unless the iPhone doesn’t support iOS 16).

iPhone now supports Nintendo Switch controller

It’s finally happening: WiOS 16, Apple Introducing Switch controller support to iPhone..Yes, it includes both pro controllers When Joy-Cons. Well, if we could get an iPhone case with a Joy-Con attachment (let me dream).

The audio source icon is not a cast[再生中]It will be displayed in

You may know that you can change the audio source of your iPhone from the NowPlaying widget. With the new update This icon shows the current audio source Instead of a common cast button that clarifies where the audio is coming from. For example, if you’re using AirPods Pro, you’ll see it in this window. If you switch to the HomePod, it will appear here instead.

This change is minor, but it’s great for quickly pinpointing the destination of your music before you hit the play button. In addition, you can see if your AirPods were really disconnected when you removed them from your ears.

Tap the metric to see conversion options

When editing a document or memo, you can: Tap a metric to instantly convert it to another metric.. For example, tapping 50g will convert it to kilograms, pounds, and ounces. Tap $ 100 to see options for converting to another currency.

Focus can automatically change the face of your Apple Watch

One of the lock screen features mentioned in the keynote was the ability to change lock screen settings according to focus. You can have a personal lock screen with specific wallpapers and widget setups while your work focus shows a more professional background with work related widgets.

The company didn’t announce it, but the same principles apply to the Apple Watch.From the watch app, you will be able to: Select which watch face is displayed during which focus..

Blur the home screen wallpaper as well as the lock screen

You may have seen the iOS 16 option to blur the lock screen wallpaper to create a fun depth effect.This option is Also available on the home screenSimilarly, you can visually separate the app from the background.

iOS 16 can detect duplicate contacts

If your contact list is like me, it’s confusion.. You may have more than one duplicate because you accidentally added a contact twice or moved the phone. IOS16 Quietly warn about these duplicationsAnd offers the option to remove them as needed.

Easily delete contacts

If you’ve ever worked on a tangled contact list, it’s pain.. To delete a contact on iOS 15, open the contact and[編集]Tap, then scroll to the bottom[連絡先の削除]You need to find out. Doing this for each contact you delete is a boring nightmare.Fortunately, on iOS16 There is a new submenu option for deleting contacts.. Simply press and hold the contact entry to find it.

Sort playlists in Apple Music

Playlists are great, but in Apple Music they are modified in the order they were created. If you want to change it, you have to open the editor and do it manually.Well, in iOS16 You can easily reorder playlists Title, artist, album, or release date.

Spotlight provides information about what is currently playing

When it comes to music, you can see that Spotlight provides an additional context for the music currently playing on the iPhone. If you swipe down on the home screen while listening to something, See options to learn more about artists..

Enter the number of copies to print

When printing on iPhone, you can now do the following: Please enter the required number of copies by hand. Previously, you had to use the dial to select a number.

You can autofill your code with a third-party authentication system app

In iOS 15, you can use the built-in authentication system app to autofill your account’s 2FA code. You can download third-party options, but you cannot use them for autofill. now, You can do it..

You can disable “End call lock”

In some respects, it’s an easy operation: WWhen you’re done, press the side button to hang up. Easy!Too easy, maybe: meIf you accidentally hang up someone because you pressed the side button, you can disable the following options: iOS 16 phone settings..

Share your eSim number with another iPhone

If you want to move eSim number On another iPhone, you need to do so from restore, it’s not particularly Convenient.However, it seems to be iOS16 Here’s an easy way to transfer your number to another iPhone It’s close. This is an early stage, so I’m still not sure exactly how this works, but it’s a great addition.

SOS is displayed instead of “No signal”

This change is negligible, but apparently “SOS” will be displayed at the top of the display When there is no bar. The reason for the change isn’t clear, but one Redditor suggests that it may indicate that emergency services will continue to work on the iPhone, even if you can’t make regular calls.

You can change your fitness goals on your iPhone

Another small feature: You can now Change your Apple Watch fitness goals with the iPhone Activity app.. Previously, this option was only available on the watch itself.

Hidden features Apple Did it I admit

I want to quickly perform some of the fun features Apple offers Did it Admitting in its full-featured preview, it may be under the radar of most people watching WWDC news:

  • A tactile keyboard has arrived.
  • You can enable live transcription during a FaceTime call.
  • You can recover recently deleted messages for up to 30 days.
  • You can lock hidden albums and recent albums with photos.
  • Now you can manage your wifi password.
  • You can hang up with “Hey Siri”.
  • You can pinch the notification to switch between the extended list view, the stack view, or the count view.
  • iOS is asking for permission to paste from another app.

All hidden iOS 16 features worth knowing

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