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After all, why avocados shouldn’t be stored in water

After all, an image of an article titled Why Avocados Shouldn't Be Stored in Water

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Ticktaku Recently discoveredScientific Truth About Avocado: The green pulp of a cut avocado does not turn brown overnight unless exposed to the air. Unfortunately, according to the FDA, hacks that are supposed to protect avocados are not safe.

Ticktaku rear Ticktaku Shows people surprised that cut avocados are stored in water containers on the counter It’s still green after a day Several days. Another variation of the hack is to store the entire avocado in the water of the refrigerator. They are supposed to stay good for weeks. (We too Covered a similar hack earlier this year, So we can’t feel very good. )

Why you shouldn’t store avocados in water

FDA spokesperson Talked to Good Morning America Avocado in water hacks are actually a terrible idea.Avocado skin may contain pathogens such as: Listeria When SalmonellaAlthough these are usually present in small quantities. Rinse the avocado before preparing, and Rub with a produce brush (If you don’t have one, you’ll need to get one.) Usually, you’ll get rid of all the bacteria that may not be a problem.

However, if you store the avocado in the refrigerator for a few weeks, those bacteria can grow. Listeria It is notorious for its excellent growth at refrigerator temperatures, which tends to slow the growth of other types of bacteria. Listeria can cause mild food poisoning in healthy adults, Especially dangerous for babies if they have listeriosis during pregnancy..

After the avocado spends a few days in the fridge, washing it is no longer likely to get rid of enough bacteria to keep it safe. According to an FDA study, storing avocados in water can allow bacteria from the skin to invade the avocado’s meat, where it cannot be washed away or rubbed.

How to prevent the cut avocado from turning brown

Fortunately, you can prevent charring without immersing the cut avocado in water at all. The reason avocados turn brown is because oxygen reacts with the chemicals in the meat.o All you have to do is keep oxygen away from the cut surface of the avocado or prevent the chemical reaction that causes browning. There are several ways to do this:

Lemon or lime juice It contains antioxidants such as citric acid and vitamin C, which interferes with chemical reactions. Simply coat the cut surface of the avocado with a little tart citrus. juice. (Advanced tip: This also works for apples.)

Wrap film Another quick and easy way to prevent avocados (and even prepared guacamole) from turning brown.Just push the film into the surface of the avocado and be careful not to get trapped Bubbles.

Spray oil You can do the same job as rap: Spritz avocado,give that A thin layer of oil to maintain Oxygen away.

After all, why avocados shouldn’t be stored in water

Source link After all, why avocados shouldn’t be stored in water

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