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Add fresh corn to your pancakes before it’s too late

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Photo: Claire Lower

This summer didn’t go as planned. A broken refrigerator (and blistering summer heat) can make it difficult to store fresh produce at home. As a result of all this, I ate far less sweet corn than I normally would. corn hack All summer long I am deeply ashamed.

Grab the last few ears of sweet summer corn at your local market and scatter pancakes with beautiful yellow kernels.

Corn pancakes work for many reasons. Corn can be sweet or savory. In other words, drizzle these hotcakes with maple syrup just like you would regular pancakes. fragrant whipped cream Or goat cheese, or use it as a base for Benedict. Like pancakes, corn goes well with butter.

Adding fresh sweet corn to pancakes is not difficult. Make your favorite pancake batter as usual. Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in a frying pan and heat until browned.Put the dough in a ladle and slice a few kernels off the cob Sprinkle them raw, just like blueberry (Just before flipping if batter starts to bubble).

The browned butter will create a nice, crusty crust on the edges of the pancake, but the corn will warm up just a little bit and you won’t be able to read it as “raw.” It’s a summery breakfast. Serve with whipped goat cheese and sliced ​​tomatoes.try with Maple syrup. Try it with hot honey and bacon. Try it before corn season is completely over.

Add fresh corn to your pancakes before it’s too late

Source link Add fresh corn to your pancakes before it’s too late

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