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According to Lifehacker readers, 17 unbreakable flight etiquette rules

According to Lifehacker readers, an image of an article titled

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Flights are movies, books and music. The flight is not meant to catch up with old friends:

“Don’t stand in the aisle and talk to friends sitting in a line. They may be friends, but they are strangers who break into my personal space throughout the conversation.” —Dixie-Flatline

In addition, you may be away from your travel partner during the flight. Lifehacker readers have some strong opinions about airline seating arrangements that make “cow barks” style seat selection. Southwest.

“If you’re in the southwest, vacant seats are vacant. Limits. Somehow if you board long before the others in your group, you run the risk of not sitting with them. If you want to sit with them, board with them or sit across many empty rows to cover what’s happening between you and your group, but you’re still Remember that you do not have exclusive rights to the row you are in. If you are sitting behind the plane. Even if you board early, you will not be authorized to book a row for the group. Someone Many people will be kind to you if you politely ask if you can sit elsewhere because you are coming, but it is not your right to say “I’ve taken this seat”. If they persist, it’s up to you to find another seat with the vacant seat you’re looking for. — —[redacted]

“My Southwestern Dissatisfaction: If I’m sitting alone in an aisle or window seat, don’t tell me to give up so I can sit with my loved one. For parents with children. I’m happy to move, but I can go 90 minutes without sitting next to my boyfriend or girlfriend. I’ll learn to leave. “prayformojo98

The comments above touch on an obvious exception to this rule. It’s about keeping parents with their children (or those who have the type of caretaker they need).

According to Lifehacker readers, 17 unbreakable flight etiquette rules

Source link According to Lifehacker readers, 17 unbreakable flight etiquette rules

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