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According to career experts, the longest you should ever stay in your job

According to career experts, an image of an article titled

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Whatever you think So-called”Mass retirement—trend Some people believe In fact, it started long before the pandemicAnd others think Doesn’t really exist— —Many working people Currently planning to change jobs.. Besides, aAccording to a recent Bloomberg articleThis is a smart move. Some experts suggest changing jobs at least every 10 times Year. Their reasoning, in addition to the “basic human psychology” that drives the need for change, Reassessment of your Needs and goals, It will evolve naturally in 10 years.

Others are worried about the idea that they need to switch gigs on a particular timeline. Especially if the timeline is based on principles above all else. For more insight into whether ticking clocks should be allowed to influence your career plan, Talked to a career expert Sharin Louby, Jenny FossWhen Dan Schaubel Hear their opinion on whether there is an ideal time frame to make changes.. Here are some tips for deciding how long you want to stay in a job.

There is no magic number

Regardless of anything Some headings Claim, many career consultants like Foss find this kind Strict rules It is dangerous. “You can take on a 10-year role, constantly evolving, expanding, and presenting new challenges.o o Why are you leaving when you have all the tasks and achievements (and rewards) you need in one place? “He says..

Similarly, Schaubelle and Rauby I agree with the rules that dictate what you need Switch work after a certain period of time Probably an over-generalization. “If you like your company, your people, your work, and your salary, that’s great.” Rouby says.. “It’s a difficult order when it comes to work.”

Then again she adds, Stay in the same organization for years and years May mean you aren’t earning as much as you do Sometimes Changed company.. 10 years may not be universal enough to be considered Set on stoneBut 10 years teeth Important chunks Of time-certainly long enough for it to be worth it Reflect About your job satisfaction. So hDo you know when changing jobs is the right choice for you?

Signs that it may be time to get a new job

Rouby says Most people she meets In her work As president of a human resources consulting company ITM Group Inc. I’m looking for the same thing. “They want to work in an organization that they can be proud of. They want to have a rewarding and enjoyable job. They want to work with the people who support them. And , They want to be paid fairly for what they are doing,“She says. If the job hasn’t checked one or more of these boxes, it may be time to start browsing the job list.

SCHAU ESSEN NOTE especially Strong sign it may be time Change is when you feel your work is the same old story. day to day.If you are worried To move forward as a professional, you need to be able to show that you know how to try new things Challenge at work. Daily boredom means you aren’t challenged enough.

Foss says it the same way: if you can do your job in your sleep, you are not growing. She gives other signs that it’s time to switch, such as company values ​​and management disillusionment. Anxiety and fear begin Fear what you do every Sunday night, or someday I regret not making any changes.

How to leap from your current role

Thinking about quitting your job is one thing. How do you actually make a leap? Foss advises You have to ask yourself first why You are clinging to your current job because it can be all good reason. Health insurance, income stability, work-life balance, And all the other benefits Still a realistic reason to stick to work Will not make you happy.

On the other hand, if the main obstacle to you is the fear of leaving your comfort zone, the first step may be to talk to people working in a job or industry that you are really interested in. (But probably afraid to make a leap). “Information interviews and job shadowing are great ways to get a real picture (and get excited) of something you might want to step into.” Foss says..

Impulse decision-make Probably not your friend here.Laubi she says Those who are anxious to quit their current role think that they “jump into a new role or company without thinking completely.” (Such an account More commonly reported in the media Because the story of mass retirement has gained momentum. ) To avoid sudden decisions, Lauby suggests: “”[knowing] Before you start looking, what are your essentials and useful things? “

Never “too late” to change jobs

Foss, Lauby and Schawbel all reject the idea of ​​being “too late” to change jobs. For inspiration, Foss says he finds stories of people who have undergone major life and career changes later in his life. “Read about them, learn from them, be inspired by them, and start some movements,She is sys.

Laubi points out that many job hunting resources are specifically targeted at “Angkor and / or Second Career.” At the same time, today’s job search strategies are much more focused on technology. Rauby says, “Get involved via social media, apply online and get ready to attend a video interview.” Most of the leading job seekers these days need to exceed certain currency thresholds. there is You and Technical skills.

If you stay in one company for many years

As already mentioned. There is no rule that you need to change jobs after a certain period of time To be happy. If Foss decides to do so Sticking to one company for more than a decade will benefit you by “looking for new challenges, new or expanded roles, or opportunities to learn and grow in the process.”

Whether you change jobs or not For your best interests to stay up to date on what’s happening in your industry outside the four walls of your company. Staying on top of new trends and technologies is important to any employee, whether they’re trying to be a competitive job seeker or just trying to avoid restlessness in a long-term role. Career advice.

According to career experts, the longest you should ever stay in your job

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