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A true genius knows how to buy a junkyard

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After graduating from college, the tragic T-Bone incident sent me to a junkyard. Sky Blue 1978 Chevy Nova I bought it from a friend for $ 1 and named it Laverne. From her love for Laburn, a car that was badly scratched before the crash Nova or a similar car (eg Buick Skylark) could suit her, but the junkyard held more lessons beyond that...

I was scared. The junkyard is huge and is run and lived by the kind of people who know what the Mansfield Bar is. This is how my education about junkyards, which is more than a pile of car trash, began. Junkyards do a lot of work to recycle and dispose of toxic liquids such as antifreeze and old motor oil, and those who need to keep driving their old cars (or those who have a serious car hobby). Provides an affordable source of replacement parts.When you need tons to buy a used car Of cash. But before you go to the local junkyard for spare parts, you need to plan your attack. The junkyard experience is highly competitive, complex, and prone to failure. Here’s how to get the most out of your visit to the junkyard:

Plan ahead before visiting the junkyard

If you’re looking for a specific part (as opposed to roaming around looking for something interesting in the afternoon), step 1 is to boot your old computer and check out the junkyard website. Most junkyards these days have a fairly high internet presence. You can (must) perform a search. The more information you have about a part and the car it fits in, the better. If you cannot find the part in the database, you can set an alert to contact you when the part comes in.

Then find the tool you need. Junkyards can do dirty work for you, but in many cases you are expected to get rid of the parts yourself. Driving to a junkyard and finding a rusty hull that contains the parts you need to realize that you didn’t bring the proper wrench poses a serious danger to your schedule and pride. Also, if you are looking for a particular part, knowing the tools you need will reduce the number of heavy tools you need to carry.

Some things you do Do not Need for junkyard:

  • Jacks. The junkyard most often puts the vehicle on a block or stand and usually provides a hoist when the engine or transmission needs to be removed.
  • Wheelbarrow. Most salvage yards provide wheelbarrows or similar tools, although transporting an engine or some very heavy parts requires transport.
  • Torch or grinder. The junkyard is completely submerged in combustibles, so anything that produces flames or sparks is not allowed. If you need to cut something off, the garden will help you with it.

Finally, study your car. Many cars and trucks share drivetrain components and other components. This is all part of the scale efficiency that automakers take advantage of. Many junkyard websites provide this functionality. If you don’t have any local junk, try another local junk. for example, www.pull-a-part.com It has a very robust parts replacement database and can provide a lot of great information. or, AutoZone You can search The specific parts of the manufacturer and model are displayed, and the range of matching parts is displayed. You can plug these parts into your junkyard database.

Ask for help

As I said, junkyards can be scary because everyone there is alive and breathing parts of cars and trucks. But it’s an asset. Junkyard operators make money by selling people’s parts, so they are usually willing to provide you with expertise and advice. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you can’t remove the part with all your efforts, feel free to ask for help. Also, if the part you’re looking for doesn’t appear in your online database, it’s almost always worth calling. Many parts are processed very fast, especially on older models, and making a call can lead to good luck. seek.

Some junkyards offer more services than others. SSome will get rid of parts for you, and some even install Your car parts for you for you if you can drive it there. If it’s something you’re interested in, it’s worth knowing in advance.

Junkyards are a great opportunity for those who are interested in cars or who are in desperate need of cheap repairs. Making the most of your visit requires a bit of planning and effort, but the rewards can be enormous.

A true genius knows how to buy a junkyard

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