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A strange way I didn’t know I could reuse banana peels

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The jury hasn’t come out yet The “right” way to eat bananasHowever, there is no doubt that it is wasted just to throw the banana peel into the trash can.Banana skin Anti-inflammatory effect When Antioxidant, But they can also be used around the house in some strange and creative ways. Do not put banana peels in the soil of the garden. Nonsense.

Consider preserving banana peel for any of these potential purposes.

Itching reduction. According to Healthline, Banana peel is a viable option for use in reducing itching from sunburn, poisonous ivy, or insect bites. Simply pressing the white side of the banana peel against your skin will give you a temporary sense of relief.

Remove debris. According to Dr. Steve SylvestroThe water in the banana peel is absorbed by the skin, the tissue is slightly swollen and debris is pushed out. To do that, cut a small piece of banana peel and place it against the debris with the peel up. Then cover it with a bandage and leave it for a few hours. This draws debris to the surface and makes removal much easier.

Shining shoes. It turns out that banana peel is excellent for the brilliance of leather. Contains potassium. One of the important ingredients of commercial shoe shine.. To make leather shoes shine with banana peel, take the inside of the leather, rub the leather and cover the entire surface. Then rub it with a dry cloth to remove excess banana residue.

Make tea. If you enjoy the taste of bananas, you may enjoy banana peel tea. Banana peel tea sounds just like that. Boil banana peel in water to make banana-flavored tea. Familiar with healthy greens, Nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla essence, almond milk, coconut milk is recommended to add a little. Don’t agree with the idea that banana tea acts as a sleep aid —There is not much evidence To support that claim.

Make vinegar. As long as you are willing to wait for it, you can make vinegar from banana peel. All you need is a few pounds of banana peel, water, sugar, baker’s yeast, a vinegar starter, a large pot, and two months of patience.If you have it in you Run this recipeYou can use banana peel vinegar to put it on a salad or make a sauce.

A strange way I didn’t know I could reuse banana peels

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