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A smart way to start a conversation with a dating app (not creepy, cheesy, boring)

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I recently read through after tweeting a screenshot of someone sending me a message with jokes and hinges Lots of complaints About feeling like (mainly from men) Only two options when contacting someone with a dating app: ignored or ridiculed.

I understand that feeling, but I have to oppose this dire outlook. Binaries that are “ignored” or “mocked” are incorrect. There are many options on the middle road. With a little thought, you can start a conversation without being too bored, too cheap, too cheeky, or too creepy.

Many bloggers, I myself It contains, Emphasizes the need to personalize the messages sent by dating apps. The market is fiercely competitive with all-purpose pick-up lines. If you want to start a fruitful conversation, you really need to respond to something specific in someone’s profile.

With that in mind, what is this article used for? If the advice always comes down to customizing the message on a case-by-case basis, how can I help you? Tragically, I can’t grab your phone from your hand and swipe for you (at least not for free).

However, this is a problem.: We can anticipate many things you will encounter in someone’s dating profile. If you feel that your ability to determine what is horny and what is eerie is out of the base, readjust it using the following example.

Here are some thought starters for solid conversation starters in dating apps, organized around the types of photos and prompts you’d expect to find in many profiles.

If they have a picture of the concert …

Concert photos are usually layups to start a conversation. Perhaps what you’re doing wrong is to plunge in observations, not questions. Instead of saying bland, “This looks funAsk for something that has no restrictions, such as “,”.What kind of concert was this?” Also “Do you have a concert you are looking forward to?It would be even better if you were aware of the venue and the musicians.

If you mention the number of countries they visited …

Travel photos are a staple of dating profiles. Your instinct is “Where did you take this picture?However, it is advisable to ask the starter of a more free conversation.I’m quite used to traveling, so I’d like to ask where I want to go Next Where I have already been. The “crazy travel story” prompt often doesn’t translate the text well and ends with a one-sided “you had to be there” moment. Alternatively, use a “bucket list” to give yourself plenty of space for fun and frivolous interactions.

If they have a picture of a fish and / or refer to a metaphor of a picture of a fish …

Good old “fished” photo. Because of this inevitability, Twitter’s reciprocal message gave me the perfect way to stand out from all the other fish in the ocean. In response to a profile prompt similar to the following “If you have a dead fish in your photo, I’m not interested“Can be answered.I don’t have dead fish, but if you want to put something dead inside, you can hug me..What makes you stand out is the perfect amount of weirdness.

If you want to praise their appearance …

We are not all looking for soulmates. Even if someone is swiping just because it’s hot, it can be clever and original. “”Wow, you are gorgeous,Sounds like copying / pasting it into 100 profiles before me. Not only do physical compliments sound impersonal, They can also come across really quickly as a real off-putting.

Hit hot people in the same way you hit someone for their personality. Revolutionary, I know. If you have a photo that looks great on a sunny beach, play shyly and send a message asking where you went on vacation. Focus on the beach, not the body. If you can prove that their profile is well interested in you for reasons that are not so superficial (even if you have superficial intent), they are more likely to stand out.

If their profile makes you laugh …

Please tell me the reason. I’m not bragging about it, but I got some “interesting” DMs a day. Unfortunately, my wit doesn’t know what to do with it other than say “thank you”. Use the first compliment as a starting point for a larger conversation starter. for example, “This response reminds me [favorite comedian]” Also “This is hilarious, I want to know what shows / movies are making you laugh now.. Even if you grab a straw, this approach at least gives an interesting person something to do.

Oh, if you’re a comedian yourself? Please play with me! Try to make a joke with their profile.Nothing says “the connection of love” as much as the ability to quote It’s always sunny back and forth.

If they have a niche meme …

It’s a difficult area to include memes in someone’s dating profile. It’s an efficient way to convey a good sense of humor, but it doesn’t always trigger a productive conversation. If it contains a “tagged me” element, use it to run it. Otherwise, I would avoid the meme’s charm and react to a completely different photo. Or, as mentioned above, take the more general “you made me laugh” approach.

If they say “irony is my second language …”

Swipe left.

At the end of the day: Become your own coolest version

You need to be yourself. Somehow somehow somehow. The best way to become your best self is to master “casual and bizarre” art. “Casual and weird” refers to a reaction that makes people stand out without pushing them away. Really meaningless..

The point is to actually take the time to process someone’s profile details. In this economy, you have to be smart to catch someone’s eyes. At the end of the day, there is plenty of room for wiggles between “Hey” and “Where were you in my life and gorgeous?” It’s better to be a little weird than a little bored.

A smart way to start a conversation with a dating app (not creepy, cheesy, boring)

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