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A Short and Sweet Guide to Tripping on Magic Mushrooms

Taking magic mushrooms can be a life-changing experience. People who have taken magic mushrooms, as well as other psychedelics like LSD and DMT, report better mental health and overall wellbeing, and more and more research can back these reports.

The positive effects of “tripping” on psychedelics can be long-lasting. Days, months, and even years after tripping, people report experiencing fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. They also report having more empathy and compassion for other people, a healthier relationship with themselves, and a more open worldview.

Psychedelic Therapy

It’s no wonder, then, that therapists are embracing psychedelic therapy, not necessarily as an alternative to more traditional forms of therapy, but rather as an additional form. Psychedelic therapy, studies indicate, may not only improve patients’ mental health, but may also help patients overcome addictions to alcohol, nicotine, and other harmful substances.

Some Ways Are Better than Others

That said, there are different ways to take magic mushrooms, and some are better than others. In a safe, therapeutic setting, for instance, people are more likely to experience a positive trip than in a stressful setting, like a New York subway station.

Similarly, if someone were to take magic mushrooms at a cottage, on a summer day, they are more likely to enjoy their time and reap long-term positive benefits than if they were to take it on a workday during a busy week.

This is where you can buy magic mushrooms if you want to trip on a nice day.

Set and Setting

The right set and setting are crucial to having a positive trip on shrooms as well as other psychedelics. Set refers to your mental state going into a trip. Setting refers to where you take shrooms and the people you are with when you do.

If you are in a good mood going into a trip, your experience is more likely to be a good one than if you are stressed, fatigued, heartbroken, and the like. To figure out what set you’re in before tripping, you’ll need to do some honest introspection.

It is generally recommended that you take psychedelics with what’s called a trip sitter, also known as a psychedelic guide—someone sober, whom you trust, and who can ensure you enjoy your time safely and comfortably. You can take shrooms with other people, of course—it can be more fun that way—so long you are with at least one sober person who can guide all of you through the trip.

Tripping on a Good Day

Your setting, when you trip, should be safe, peaceful, and comfortable. If you like the woods, then taking shrooms on a camping trip might work well for you. If you like rainy days, then taking shrooms on a rainy day in the comfort of your own home will increase your chances of having a good trip.

Circumstances are equally important as set and setting. If you may need to drive to school to pick up your kids later in the day, it’s most certainly unwise to take shrooms. Only take shrooms on a day where you don’t have any responsibilities that you would not be able to perform while on shrooms.

If need be, your trip sitter can take care of basic tasks like cooking, making sure you’re comfortable and warm, controlling the music, and so forth.

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