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A must-have accompaniment to a charcuterie platter

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Being at the top of your game as a party host means knowing how to bring the big picture to life, with every detail organized. food, court room, extra ice, etc. Guests should be able to have fun and instinctively do everything as planned. As such, it should be served in an empty pitted bowl with a meat and cheese platter.

may seem unnecessary (or just Wrong) Presenting an empty bowl amidst a rich platter of fruit, cheese, antipasto and sliced ​​meats is the same idea as getting an extra bowl of warm chicken wings or mussels at a restaurant :YYou need a place to put unwanted debris. Shells and bones are removed from the plate so you can focus on an active roster of edible bites. more organized experience.

A pit bowl is for olive pits, but it’s a common waste bowl. Inside you will always find unexpected scraps such as drupe seeds, cores, stems, hulls and toothpicks. If you don’t serve this bowl with your meat and cheese platter, you risk all this remnant ending up in strange places, like winding up on a window sill, an end table, or an abandoned napkin in a bar. may feel the need to be moved to the kitchen trash can frequently.

With a disposal bowl, your friends stay in the conversation, your platter stays fresh, and cleanup is easy. later. The worst result of not having a pit bowl is that guests may leave stems, skins or pits on the half full board. help them help you.

Be a true hero and avoid chaos Eat a little of the party spread before the guests arrive put some pits or toothpicks Put it in a bowl to let you know what it’s for.Empty regularly during parties by casually swooping in freshly emptied bowls.

A must-have accompaniment to a charcuterie platter

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