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A fake fan trailer better than 25 movies

Image of an article titled The Trailer Made by 25 Fake Fans Is Better Than a Real Movie

When it comes to marketing, the multi-billion dollar budget for theatrical releases of almost every big event in the last decade or so is little room for experimentation or often fun. There’s still a great, thrilling trailer made for Hollywood movies, but the same creeps up and the upcoming attractions seem to be made from the same safe, proven, but uninspired template. I often feel that.

As the fan culture has overtaken box office revenue, the real fans on earth are the ones who have done their main job to rethink popular franchises in new and interesting ways. You probably won’t see Rob Zombie’s real big-budget The Muppet Movie, the indie Mario Bros. movie, or the 70’s / 80’s superhero team-up, but imagine these concepts. Some very smart fans and filmmakers are taking a little too long to get their hands on (bless).

Many of the following fan-made trailers are better (and much more labor-intensive) than the actual trailers that appear on the big screen. As is often the case, I would like to see a fake movie imagined rather than much of what is actually projected on the big screen.

A fake fan trailer better than 25 movies

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