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A clever way to display all the art your child has made this year

Image from the article titled Clever Ways to Display All the Art Your Child Has Made This Year

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My daughter discovered her love for drawing on her first day of kindergarten. She’s back with some big masterpieces. She attached them to her bedroom wall using paint-free safety tape and declared her exhibit “Arttastic!” We were so proud (and had to repaint the entire room when we moved). Her love is undiminished. She continues to be a prolific artist.

My son entered kindergarten this year and seems to have started carving. He has a near addiction problem with clay. He also has a problem leaving masterpieces where they can be picked up by dogs who mistake them for toys.

What to do with all these treasured works?of course i don’t hold everythingbut I have asked the Internet for some options, because I need to improve the situation for art displays, even those that remain temporarily.

Image from the article titled Clever Ways to Display All the Art Your Child Has Made This Year

Photo: Laura Wheatman Hill

put the whole art wall aside

For flat art, you have many options for displaying paintings and drawings.Choose neglected walls in your home Designate it as an art spot. You can also select a shelf for your 3D work and limit the display to that shelf only.

Many parents keep select art in the refrigerator while relegating all other children’s art to the nursery. I have really ugly vinyl cabinets in my house that I ask to be covered in colorful pieces, so that’s what I do.

Curate a rotating children’s art exhibit

If you have a constant stream of art and need to switch seasonal snowballs for spring flowers, especially if your fridge isn’t magnetic or is already full of family photos and important junk. There are several easy and aesthetically pleasing ways to do it. Mail and takeout menu.

Hang string on wall and attach clothespins You can create cute and easily interchangeable displays of seasonal or rotating art. I put one of hers under the permanent art and photos in her daughter’s room so she could choose what to come and go.You can also install more permanently hanging fixture.

One or several corkboards You can easily swap and stack your creations (watch out for falling tacks).or display in a blank frame with putty or By attaching a clip to the top.

Alternative uses for children’s art

Sometimes showing off art isn’t about displaying it. It can be transferred or exchanged for something else. Use your child’s artwork as a greeting card Or wrapping paper. Friends and family will love seeing the time and effort put into their gifts, even if it’s on the outside, and you’ll recycle in the best possible way.

Kids can make art too other art. Once you’ve finished viewing your drawing, you can cut out the drawing and add it to your collage, or cut out colorful abstracts for your mosaic. Sculptures become part of a fairy garden and multimedia art projects can be scrapped as part of new multimedia projects.


some people are curious storage space, and have chosen to store their children’s art in the “cloud.” There are many options for this. Take a picture (or use a scanner) and save it to your favorite drive, cloud, or other permanent personal storage device.

It is also possible to take pictures of the works. create private instagram account Share it with your family and you can share it with your kids one day if the metaverse allows it. If you want a physical copy, we can print a photobook featuring art from a particular year. That way they all fit in a small package of the same size and easily fit inside a book.

A clever way to display all the art your child has made this year

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