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A cheap and easy way to update your bathroom

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we talk a lot kitchen renovation When big garden projects Keeping our homes looking modern.Bathrooms have their share of touch-ups, but our ability to look dated isn’t entirely dependent on fixtures and tiles. Even toilets in can be made to look more outdated than they really are.

replace wallpaper with fresh paint

Wallpaper can actually make your bathroom look older. Realtor.comA site that knows a thing or two about maintaining the value of a home suggested a fresh paint job in place of wallpaper in the bathroom. Click here for painting tipsin general, here are some made just for tiles.

Giovanna MacheikaThe New York City interior designer told Lifehacker that the wallpaper itself isn’t necessarily the same as in your bathroom, but if you choose to decorate with it, “make sure you use a moisture-resistant adhesive. Please do it.” The peel-and-stick option is not suitable for rooms such as bathrooms where moisture builds up frequently.

As for the paint colors, he advises, “It’s fun to go outside the box,” choosing between “dark and moody” blues and greens, “bright and poppy” pinks and oranges, or “soft and serene” sage greens and ivory. I suggested. If that sounds like a significant undertaking, she says her favorite bathroom decor hack is to paint the ceiling for “a fun pop of color that accents the rest of the room.” I got

update lighting

there is many kinds lighting available todayBathrooms in particular need soft lighting that won’t upset guests or dazzle them in the morning, so take that into account when choosing fixtures and wattage. Even if you don’t have the time or money to create one, Macejka says there is still a simple solution.

swap hardware

You don’t need new cabinets or a new vanity to modernize your bathroom. According to Macejka, many of the same effects can be achieved with simple hardware swaps. Go to your local hardware store and select the following tuned versions.

  • drawer knob
  • cabinet pull
  • faucet

Don’t be intimidated by that last one. Click here for how to replace the faucet.

Why not try plants?

Here’s an amazing tip from Macejka: Add greenery to your bathroom to make the space feel “more lively and dynamic.” It makes sense; bathrooms may be too wet for peel-and-stick wallpaper, but many types of plants will love it.These high-humidity plants grow especially well in bathrooms(And if you’re worried about your ability to keep something green alive, Macejka added, it doesn’t matter if the plant is real or fake.)

Other Notable Obsolete Bathroom Trends

Some of the above are easy fixes, but if you want to go one step further, here’s a list of other more expensive fixes to consider to modernize your bathroom. family handyman:

  • Get rid of obsolete-looking ‘glass block’ walls
  • Do not use “Hollywood” style vanity lighting
  • Get rid of everything with a chevron pattern
  • replace granite countertops
  • remove copper

Macejka also recommends upgrading your shower curtains and bath mats to ‘poppy’ ones. She said Urban Outfitters usually has a great selection of trendy, modern items that will make your bathroom feel fresh.

A cheap and easy way to update your bathroom

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