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A Calgary man with a large collection of child pornography escaped prison

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A Calgary man will not be sentenced to imprisonment for possessing child pornography, including computer-generated videos of a girl who has been sexually tortured and killed.

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In a written decision posted online, Judge Anne Brown of the district court gave Eric Benjamin Bultmann a conditional statement that was offered by the community two years less a day, followed by three years of probation. Was done.

Brown said the vast collection of Bultmann’s photographs and videos were all computer-generated or animated, and none portrayed a real child.

According to the judge, 32-year-old Bultmann told police that he initially streamlined his actions, believing that computer-generated images weren’t really child pornography.

But in the end, he became more and more concerned about the nature of the material he was downloading and its impact on him, Brown wrote.

“Specifically, answering questions about some hardcore images (he said):” I’ve actually tried to get out of it. “I know for myself if I continue. So I have a part of me. “M You probably don’t like it … I think I’m a little sadist,” Brown said.

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“If I overspoil it, I can see myself getting worse.”

In an interview with his police, Bultmann was asked if he could actually see the children committing such a crime.

“Of course,” he replied.

Police have placed over 30,000 child pornographic images and 642 videos on Bultmann’s electronics. These are all cartoon-like animations, or computer-generated files.

Mr. Brown said that this material is particularly graphic, a CG series depicting acts of physical and sexual abuse and “sexual torture, amputation, and murder of a female child by several adult males.” Said.

Prosecutor Greg Piper insisted on imprisonment and probation for 15-18 months, but Brown agreed with Bultmann’s sincere remorse, and rehab attempts prevented him from being put in jail. Justified doing.

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Brown agreed that there were deteriorating factors such as the size of the criminal’s collection, the nature of the image, and the length of time the image was seen by him for five years.

However, she said they had to be weighed against factors in favor of Bultmann.

“There are many mitigation factors to balance with the aggravating factors. Early convictions and denials. Full cooperation with the investigation, including complete confessions. No criminal record. Genuine remorse; especially emotional maturity. Young. Rapid and continuous involvement in crime-specific treatments. Low risk of recidivism. Low risk to children. “


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A Calgary man with a large collection of child pornography escaped prison

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