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A beginner’s guide to hiring a house cleaner

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Gone are the days when having your home professionally cleaned was a sign that you were rich. For real Wealthy.New Apps, Affordable Prices, and More of Us have multiple jobsadopted House-More than just a cleaner Doable, but often necessary. Still, it can be scary if you’ve never done it before. What is Etiquette? What are the rules? Before using the cleaning service for the first time, please note the following:

Know your budget

Many services offer some money for an initial cleaning, which can be appetizing, but if you plan to have them come every other week or month, it’s best to develop a relationship with the cleaner. method. If the normal price is out of your budget.

some services like dazzling cleaning, offers a membership. Their service is called “Forever Clean,” and you can get unlimited additional cleanings for ¥200 or more. 50% off. If you have a sick deal with multiple cleanings, the first thing to remember is to tip the cleaner well. No matter what cost savings are made between you and the company, they are still working hard and deserve proper compensation.

communicate with the cleaner

This comes from my personal experience. Usually a few days before the cleaner arrives, they will either text you or message you through the company’s app. Even if you hire someone directly through Craigslist or another platform, you will be in contact with them. It is important to explain the details of your home to them.

Create a note on your phone or create a document on your computer detailing your space.Does your radiator make a scary noise every day at 12:03pm?Is one area of ​​your living room absolutely untouchable? Have you noticed any pest activity that might startle anyone? at most cause them health concerns, at the worst case? Think about all the things in your home that seem normal to you but might surprise a newbie, and communicate them clearly. If you have an allergy, you are putting your pet in an unfair and dangerous situation that can be avoided with prior communication. We also need to find out how many supplies they have. Some cleaners bring all sorts of mops, brooms, cleaning fluids, etc. Some cleaners don’t. If there’s anything you need them to make available, ask them specifically.

I’ve always thought that leaving the house on cleaning day wouldn’t be too embarrassing.I don’t want to micromanage of Someone to help put the dusty apartment back together. let them do their job.That said, you should be there and let them in when they arrive, or you should clearly tell them in advance that you will be there and how they will access the property i have the key somewhere Must get.

Finally, lay out exactly what you want them to clean while they’re there. I don’t really care about the kitchen, you have to say it. They can (and probably will) reach out to you even if you aren’t there. They don’t reply and just clean up whatever seems most pressing and viable to them. Clarify your expectations to avoid problems.

prepare the house

No need to clean your entire place before they arrive. Still, I have to go back to the spot and hopefully take care of the big stuff myself so I can focus on the details. These tips are from Angimajor home service sites:

  • Organize your space. Remove toys, junk mail, and random things from the surface if possible.That way the cleaner doesn’t spend a lot of time figuring out how to organize your stuff. I want Organizational assistance, please let us know this in advance. They are really helpful with that.)
  • Clean up dirty dishes and food messes. Most cleaners won’t handle dishwashing or food-related messes, but they will clean sinks and countertopsDo not leave objects in the sink or leave large stains of that natureIf you are in a time crisis and your plate and food are present please let us know in advance.
  • Secure fragile items. If you have figurines or heirlooms that mean a lot to you, store them in a safe place before your vacuum arrives.the accident is Occur.
  • Please keep pets away. pets crate or medium room Useful if you don’t want to clean. Don’t mix pets and cleaners if you can avoid it.Communicate in advance about any pets you have, where your pets are, and which rooms you don’t have must be entered.

A beginner’s guide to hiring a house cleaner

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