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8 things you shouldn’t flush down the toilet

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No one likes wiping up overflow from clogged toilets. Also, the possibility of getting a hefty bill from a plumber is he one of the least exciting things about being an adult. If you own a home, you will eventually suffer both of these cruel fates, but you can stave off them longer by being more careful about what you put in your bathroom ( Apart from the obvious).

Never flush wipes or tissues

we wrote before About the fact that the “flushable wipes” on the market are actually only considered flushable by the company that makes them.Those who have expertise in vertical maintenanceand sewer pipes will inform you that: Wipes, which don’t break down in the sewer as easily as regular toilet paper, are actually a leading cause of clogged drains and can cause headaches for both homeowners and local governments —The latter costs $1 billion each year to repair.Instead, place a small trash can with a lid next to the litter box and empty it frequently.

Wipes aren’t the only things you can actually flush. For similar reasons, you Don’t wash off facial tissuesare too durable for sewer pipes, as they are designed to actually withstand moisture without falling apart. What other counterintuitive items should you trash instead?

What should not be flushed down the toilet

food. Given that human waste consists of previous food, washing up rotten leftovers in the fridge doesn’t seem like such a big deal. probably Avoidable — already digested, poop is much softer and more malleable than, say, a moldy lasagna hunk. According to Doherty Plumbing of VirginiaLeftovers can be too big for pipes, causing clogs, and even absorbing water, making the problem worse.

hair. The bathroom may seem like a good place to throw away a nest of hair you’ve just pulled out of your hairbrush, but it’s not. Long hair is bad news for sinks and shower drains for basically the same reason.TI feel like my hair is falling out all at once It can still get caught in your pipe and start forming a blockage(Apart from being often made of plastic, this is also Why You Shouldn’t Floss Your Dental Floss.)

Cotton balls and swabs. The cotton ball looks soft and fluffy, but it slides down the pipe, but like hair or dental floss, They don’t break down in water and can easily get caught on something and start cloggingThis is also why feminine hygiene products such as tampons and pads should not be washed off.block the fibers

Litter (including cat litter). Spending a day at the beach can feel like taking half the beach home, but you should do your best to keep both the shower drain and toilet pipes free of sand. Sand is heavier than water, sinks into hollows and low spots in pipes, and is very difficult to wash off without considerable effort. The same goes for your cat’s litter, some of which are specifically designed to clump while wet.

gum. I wrote about this beforeAgain, it’s a myth that chewing gum stays in your body for years, but that doesn’t mean it should. Gum doesn’t break down in sewer pipes or anywhere else (as How Stuff Works says, “Gum made once is gum forever”). This means that not only can gum cause blockages like any other impermeable material, but it can also get into your waterways. Contributing to the global microplastic problem.

Cooking grease and oil. Oil and grease can keep your car’s engine running smoothly, but they do the opposite to pipes, causing them to solidify, sink into potholes, and attract floating debris. These giant sewer blockages are called “fatbergs”.) Moreover, Cooking oil is too valuable to be flushed.

medicine. And another reminder for proper action: Most of the time, old medicine goes in the trash instead of the toilet. Although the FDA provides List of drugs that can be flushed down the drainAnything not on the list should be safely disposed of by other means.

8 things you shouldn’t flush down the toilet

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