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7 of the best summer jobs for teenagers

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Having worked as a Little League referee for six seasons, there may be some prejudice, but I’m not sure if there’s a better job for teens. First, go outside. Second, you’re a much more emotionally inspiring because you’re an integral part of the game. Third, the shift is short (the Little League usually has a rule that the game can’t last more than two hours). And fourth, wages are decent. (When I was a Little League referee in 2008, I earned $ 30 per game behind the game and $ 20 if I was on the field. It’s still about the same.. )

Of course, this job is not for everyone. The prerequisites are 1) knowing the rules of baseball, 2) hiding behind the plate and not being afraid to summon the ball and strike. But if teens know the rules and aren’t afraid, this is a great option.

7 of the best summer jobs for teenagers

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