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6 Simple Tools Every DIY Enthusiast Should Have

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Power tools may be the most exciting component of your tool collection, but basic hand tools are all-encompassing and perhaps even more essential. There is not always a strong solution to every problem encountered in every job that needs to be done in the store. Here are six of my favorites to get you started.

spring loaded nail set

It is by no means sophisticated, but spring loaded nail set It’s really handy if you need to take care of protruding nails in molding, or if you need to finish a project with protruding nails. increase. This efficient little thing helps keep nails flat without hammering and won’t scratch wood surfaces.It costs about $14 and fits in your pocket.

flat bar

While big cat claw Also bar is a common shop tool. flat bar Essential when doing any kind of woodworking. Flat bars can be used to correct mis-nailed formwork and wooden parts, and to separate glued parts without damaging the wood surface. To apply pressure to a stripped screw, use a nail puller cutout or the edge of a tool to lift the screw while loosening it. Using a flat bar to leverage heavy pieces or lumber while leveling your feet is also very useful.Around $15 a set, the flat bar is also useful for pulling staples and stripping linoleum. increase.

dedicated pencil

If you have ever had trouble aligning marks when drilling holes for hanging pictures or for shelf brackets, deep hole mechanical pencil That’s all. To trace a drill pattern from one piece to the next, this pencil fits in the drill hole and sinks into several inches of material for easy marking. If you’ve ever had a hard time registering peg holes or drilling holes in your hardware, this is the tool for you. A great addition to your tool kit.

All-in-one wire tool

If you like working on low voltage wiring projects such as LED or electronics repair, Self-adjusting wire strippers and cutters the tool for you. Clean stripping and easy cutting of wires greatly speeds up wire splicing. Instead of switching between tools and gauges, this one combination cutter pair can be used on multiple sizes of wire, saving you the hassle of wrestling with dull tools. At around $20 a pair, these are good for wiring projects. (Like home repairs that involve electricity, only do electrical work that you are qualified to handle.)

magnet on stick

When you’re working on a vehicle or appliance, dropping your hardware can be a real pain. adjustable, Telescopic, illuminated LED pickup magnet can be a lifesaver.If a screw rolls under your air conditioner or drops a washer into your engine while you’re cleaning the coil, the magnet on the stick can help. lit Sticks are even better. For about $8 you get a tool with a swivel and a light that can get you into all sorts of hard-to-reach places.

Spacing tool

There are tools that can evenly divide the spacing for measuring and marking. To measure evenly spaced ledges, mark braces and paint lines, or make sure seams are evenly spaced in fabric projects, Spacing tool be your best friend This tool can be used for any spacing up to and evenly divides the markings without the need to do any calculations. Just extend the tool and mark where the points are. At around $13.50, it’ll come in handy next time you’re hanging something with multiple mounts.

6 Simple Tools Every DIY Enthusiast Should Have

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