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5 ways to make your Apple Watch better for running

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apple watch is great Although aimed at runners, some of its limitations get in the way of training for long-distance races. You get a low battery warning when you’re about to go out, or you realize too late that you’re out of battery Music for the run because they forgot to sync the song. T.here are some A simple way to minimize these annoyances for your next long distance running.

download music in advance

take a considerable amount of time to Sync music to Apple Watchso you should Account for this delay and try to sync songpodcasts, or audiobooks well in advance of your workoutSet a reminder early or the day before your long run. otherwise you may find yourself Standing in the porch in sneakers while the entertainment is delayed.

update your body measurements

our bodies When you need the most accurate measurements as they change over time measured value calorie consumption and Please double check for other workout metrics Your stats are up to date. In the Health app, Browse Select by tab physical measurement. Tap. add data Click the button and enter your current weight. You should also consider customizing the . Fitness Stats Apple Watch Shows While You Run.

Calibrate your watch to improve GPS accuracy

Apple Watch GPS is fairly accurate when calibrated correctly. Take a few outdoor runs or walks (20 minutes each) with good GPS reception and you’re good to go. But if If your watch’s distance readings seem inaccurate, try Recalibrate GPS for better results.

swinging arms while running

Apple Watch may not measure accurately if you run without straining your arms. Consider using a small running backpack or waist pack instead of holding things in your hand while running. To Release your arms and allow w.Accurately measure cadence, stride length, and other metrics.

save battery

Not everyone can afford the luxury apple watch ultra. However, A few battery-saving tips are useful for everyone, no matter what watch you have. These tricks are especially useful if you’re heading out for a run in the evening and don’t have the option to easily charge your watch during the day.

you can try using low power mode Extend battery life.Alternatively, you can turn off cellular data Always display Make sure you have enough charge while running. Apple Watch has Power saving mode to track your workout—tHis setting disables heart-Although it uses a rate sensor, the watch tracks your runs effectively.

Finally, you can take your iPhone with you while running to save your Apple Watch battery. If your iPhone is nearby, tap the clock Outsource battery-intensive tasks to your phoneThis way you are less likely to run out of charge..

5 ways to make your Apple Watch better for running

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