5 things in your home that you should probably replace now

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Even if maintaining a clean home is important to you, there are many things that stay on top. There are obvious things: dump, dishwasher, vacuum-slide any of them and you’ll almost immediately feel a shock. But they look so much like your face that it’s easy (or anyway) to keep up with them. Second, less often, but equally important work. Change the sponge When Wipe out your fridge.

But what about the items in your home that you should pay attention to, but forget because you don’t have to clean or replace them often? If you really want to make your home an oasis of cleanliness, here are four items you should check — you may need to clean or completely replace them now.

Dryer lint catcher

I’m sure you check I use the dryer’s lint catcher every time I use it, but when was the last time I cleaned it? If you notice that it takes much longer to dry your clothes than before, you may have found the cause. Remove the lint catcher and check the mesh screen for fabric softener and other materials... Soak in hot water, clean with a soft bristle brush, and circulate the air again. If the lint catcher is damaged, it should be replaced to avoid the risk of lint getting inside the dryer. This is a very difficult problem to solve.

Your shower curtain liner

How long has it been since you last replaced the shower liner?You knew what those things could do Stores more bacteria than the toilet seat?? Experts say The shower liner should be cleaned monthly and replaced about once a year, especially if it is made of mold or a cloth that absorbs mold well. (Don’t buy the claim that vinyl curtains are “mold resistant”. It doesn’t really happen.)

Clothes-drying rack mat

Like shower curtain liners, dry rack mats are easy to forget and are similarly affected by mold / mold Change the dry cloth once or twice a week —They are usually durable enough that you can wash and reuse them, but you absolutely must wash them. (While you are in it Clean the dish rack itself every week).

Your pillow

They are the last touches before falling asleep and the first touches when awake. Your pillow naturally accumulates oil, dirt and sweat from everyday use, most of which is handled by throwing the pillowcase into the laundry (tell me that you are washing the pillowcase). please). However, changing the pillow itself every one or two years is still not a bad idea. As a result, you can always (relatively) clean, supportive, and rest your head in a comfortable place at night.

Your toilet seat

The idea of ​​replacing the toilet seat didn’t come to my mind, but I found that it was supposed to be replaced every 5-7 years. According to They can no longer crack, start slipping every time they sit down, or start accumulating strange orange mineral stains that can’t be scraped off —Especially if you live in an area with hard water..

5 things in your home that you should probably replace now

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