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5 Clever Ways You Should Use A Hot Glue Gun But Not

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For most people hot glue gun apparently Kind of like what you need for your handmade decorations and craft projects.But glue guns have come a long way since your days Arts and crafts day at summer camp.hot glue now There are various types of colourcan do much more than just decoration.

create a non-slip grip

Hot glue tends to become rubbery when it dries, so you can use it as a non-slip grip. A small amount can be applied to the top of hangers to hold slippery clothing, the bottom of slippers to prevent slipping on slippery floors, or the bottom of carpet to prevent slipping. A layer that does not damage the floor. If using hot glue for this application, be careful not to let the surface get hot enough to melt the glue.It can lead to a soggy mess.

Mount or hang a mirror

Use hot glue to attach the mirror to the frame or backing.you can use high temperature glue gun When Seaweed For mirrors, Very little cleanup and easy to do.The difference when using this type of hot glue is the thermal specifications and Manufacturer’Recommended curing time. In addition to the high temperatures required to work with glass, the hot glue used on certain things also needs to harden or harden for a period of time, so if you’re hanging mirrors, keep that in mind to avoid disaster. stay here.

make protective furniture legs

Hot glue can be used as protective feet for furniture legs or to protect furniture surfaces. coarse objects like flower pot, sit. Dab the hot glue to create a thumb-sized dot on the bottom of the flowerpot and repeat 3-4 times around the surface area. make little feet To level your furniture, make sure all glue dots are the same size. If your table or chair is wobbly, you can flatten it with hot glue legs by creating a slightly larger dot of glue on the shorter leg. Make sure the glue is cool enough..

Used instead of clamps

if you have a strange Wooden objects with shapes that are difficult to fix can use hot glue to make the joints stronger. Place wood glue on the joint you are making, then put a few drops of hot glue between the lines of wood glue before assembling the joint. The glue can hold the joint tightly.

make habit sheath for your kunIves

If the knife is rattling in the drawer, it probably scrapes dulls over time. You can solve this problem and save yourself from accidental cuts when reaching for the knife drawer by making a sheath out of hot glue. Then, using low-temperature hot glue, cover the entire side of the knife with hot glue. wait for it to cool down remove the adhesive We have custom knife protectors.

cleanup and safety

Spills of hot glue can be easily removed by simply spraying the glue with isopropyl alcohol or using a cotton swab to smear the alcohol on the edge of the glue. Then use the scraper to carefully pry it off and remove the glue. If you accidentally get glue on your fabric, you can remove it by heating it with a hair dryer—Not enough to dissolve completely, but enough to loosen the bond. After that you should be able to peel it off. As always, wear proper safety equipment when working with tools. heat resistant gloves When safety glasses Recommended.

5 Clever Ways You Should Use A Hot Glue Gun But Not

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