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25 of the most expensive movies ever, inflation adjusted

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John Cameron’s 2009 Avatar Sitting near the top of Here’s a list of the most expensive movies ever made Even higher list As long as the cultural relevance of the best-selling movie in history is being discussed, it’s definitely a big investment that has paid off brilliantly.

Of course, it’s not always a one-to-one relationship. High risk can be the same as high reward, but the history of the movie is littered with expensive flops. In the modern blockbuster era, Star Wars, It really started with the epic of the great times of the 1960s. The studio was desperate to make a movie that could compete with the free ones available on TV to get the viewer’s attention... Some of those movies saved their studio (Ben Har), While others are closing them down ()The decline of the Roman Empire). It doesn’t make much of a difference now, except that studios are generally good at risk management (that’s why Disney makes Marvel movies more reliably than anything else).

In honor of the trailer release If you have a long gestation period Very expensive, Avatar Look back at the sequels, other infamous and expensive blockbusters, to see if they justified their spectacular price tags.

Some notes on the methodology: WBudget estimates vary widely, but it is generally considered appropriate to assume that the lower bounds are close to the truth. This is what I mainly did.When I wasn’t, I wrote down the reason— —like In the 1963s Cleopatrathat’s why The studio was clearly lying about how much it would cost..My number It comes from Wikipedia and there are lots of cross-references to make sure everything makes sense.I used Consumer price index for calculating inflation.. Keep in mind that budgets are always estimates.Studios don’t always publish those numbers.. Advertising costs and other accessories can make your budget even higher, but they are generally not included in your movie budget and measure your movie budget.Degree of profitability, It ’s a fool ’s errand... In short, the best and most thorough analysis of movie costs still requires a lot of guesswork.

25 of the most expensive movies ever, inflation adjusted

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