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25 of the gayest straight movies ever made

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Gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts nearly 20 years ago and was legalized nationwide in 2015. Brothersopen this weekend, show The first mainstream gay romantic comedy released by a major studio—The marketing department of distributor Universal Pictures would have you believe so..

I’m so into gay comedy that I found this claim rather dubious, even if it wasn’t based on definitional expertise (didn’t we all root? fire island, from the Disney-owned “indie” Searchlight Pictures, earlier this year?)…until I recall, LGBTQ representation in the era of modern blockbusters has generally been half-hearted queerbait (po/ fins).Minor character or trotted out in a cautious, sexless relationship EternalsNext to them, Bros might as well my big fat gay wedding.

Bros | Official Trailer [HD]

On another level, despite possible plausible denials, Hollywood has been making gay films since the advent of the form. The late 1920s to early 1930s was a golden age of films that dealt explicitly (or mostly) with his characters as queer (Garbo, Dietrich, Hepburn, before the term was in common use). It was a bisexual icon). The same can be said of his independence-minded 1970s. In other times, expressions were all about subtext.or occur as unintended subtextI mean, even the most straight movies can be gay as hell.

Some of the films below have definable contexts that make queer reading essential, or at least plausible. really gay.

25 of the gayest straight movies ever made

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