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25 of the best movies based on myths and folklore

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Given the ubiquity of shows like VikingMovies like NorthmanWhen from now on Thor: Lover and thunder (This article Norse mythology is very much in the zeitgeist these days (distinguished by the presence of bonus tolls).

Except for the unpleasant relationship with white supremacism (which is by no means the fault of the old Norsemen). Ancient Story: The drama-loving squirrel caused many major conflicts, the boat was made entirely of fingernails, and the moment Thor almost married Loki. It’s all quite foreign to the mind immersed in Greek mythology, which itself is full of glorious and strange things. The important thing is that the farther away you are from the realm of mythology and folklore, the more interesting you will get.

Many films drawn from legends may be described as being taken by revisionists, but doing so misses a major tenant of mythology and folklore. Those who are less adaptable have little life in these stories, many of which have survived for centuries or thousands of years.

25 of the best movies based on myths and folklore

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