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23 of the best college movies of all time

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It’s an emotional time. M.young adult going to college for the first time mix of extreme excitement and anxiety When you cross any of life’s major thresholds,. A few parents that is be discouraged at the thought of seeing one’s children offas many can’t wait Get their home and life for a little while.and there is pressure to knowis doing So for many of us, college bills would be almost lifelong albatrosses.)

It’s been a lot, and over the decades, Movies have approached college in many ways. animal house A symbolic example of the form,andcountless movies since It tried to recreate a drunken, anything-goes flat-house atmosphere, creating a distorted view of what college life is and what a college movie is.

Of course, this isn’t the only mode that works for movies about college life. Sure there’s a lot of comedy, byou too A truly moving drama and a thoughtful exploration of the more intellectual side of higher education. These are some of the best and most beloved college movies ever made.

23 of the best college movies of all time

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