21 of the best movies for those who wanted to fly

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You have to go cute Reaching the history of the movie Time before making Movie about plane.In a very early film, we saw us flying in a fantastic context (George Méliès and his Journey to the moon), But it wasn’t long after the advent of fixed-wing aircraft that the film began to imagine a slightly more plausible aerial. In the scenario, the Flying Ace of World War I serves as an early inspiration.

MEarly films on airplanes were also war films, but filmmakers were relatively quick to find a lot of excitement in the air. Even outside the realm of duel biplanes, tHe was in the 1920s and’The thirties were the times when humans flew Just beginning to mature In the form of a safe and convenient trip. later, World War II aerial wars provided filmmakers with decades of material. And, of course, there are many dramas on commercial airliners.

These are all movies about the thrill of flight, inspired by the release of Long delay Top gun The sequel. Despite the mediocrity of flying commercials Few people suggest that air travel is safe or peaceful. ((((THere are some great movies to make Soar safely in the clouds. ) What are these I play a movie offer Subrogation thrill for all We tend to clench Our armrests are a little too tight A slightly bumpy landing on Newark.

21 of the best movies for those who wanted to fly

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