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20 of the Most Erotic Thrillers Ever Made

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screenshot: basic instinct / lions gate

What happened to the erotic thriller? there is something Bell Curve, Rising to Distribution of Sexy Programmers Production codes were relaxed in the late 1960s, and in the 1980s fatal charmTailing By the mid-2000s it was off and the dominance of franchise culture. Today’s box office emphasizes large budgets, four quadrant blockbustermarketing the film About the near-impossible adult sexuality.

Streaming has opened a window for movies that resemble the erotic thrillers of old, but with the bonkers hooks and wacky hooks they used to make. big star – remain Clearly absent from the theater. (Adrian Lyne returns to direct Ben Affleck/Ana de Armas Hulu thriller deep water, It was intended for pre-pandemic theaters welcomed—When vilified primarily critically—Throwback.)

yes, I have a lot to criticize, but Best example of form. T.His sex is often exciting rather than realistic. tHis films are also most often written and directed by. with men emphasized From a male perspective, many women who appeared in them I didn’t have the best time (consider Sharon Stone frequently repeated condemnation that of symbolic nude scene of basic instinct There was a bit of trickery by director Paul Verhoeven).

Still, it’s still interesting how sex seems to have disappeared from the mainstream and made its way to theaters movie. so wNo more foreplay, let’s celebrate Some of the best, or at least the most interesting examples The type of movies they don’t make anymore.

20 of the Most Erotic Thrillers Ever Made

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