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20 of America’s Most Loved Pizzas

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Tomato pie skimps on cheese and slathers the sauce on a thick focaccia-style crust. There are three main variations of his tomato pie. A Philly Tomato Pie is a square, usually served at room temperature (or cold) and is (at best) sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. this variant. The Trenton tomato pie is round and cheesy, but cheese first and drizzled with sauce. The sauce is baked in the oven and thickens into its own crust, sort of like a tomato.

Then there is Rhode Island style.red strip” these arestrange. Sometimes called a “bakery pizza” (because it’s served in a bakery, so you can’t be sure), it doesn’t use traditional pizza dough. Instead, it’s basically focaccia bread with tomato sauce on top, cut into long strips and served cold.

20 of America’s Most Loved Pizzas

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