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18 of the greatest “feeling bad” movies ever

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Sad movies, like great blues ballads and country songs, can make us feel like we’re not alone. They can also provide catharsis. Or just hang around.Sad movies, however, are not exactly the same as I feel sick movie: Beach You may cry roadOn the other hand, it can shatter your basic sense that the world is a place where good is possible. It can be a dark comic, but it’s not fun, but it’s rewarding. And there is charm there. Everything is going well and in a blockbuster landscape designed to measure for us that our world is basically safe for shopping, when that rug is pulled under us Strangely there is a thrill.

It’s also good to feel verified. It’s not the perfect picture, but there are many things in the world that feel pretty bad. For good reason to feel angry and afraid, Chipper’s summer blockbusters can sometimes feel like a gas lamp. These movies don’t make you feel good about anything, but they absolutely stroke your shoulders and remind you that it’s right that you feel a lot went wrong. ..

18 of the greatest “feeling bad” movies ever

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