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17 TV Shows And Movies About Real Women In Power

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This post started as a roundup of films built on the power of women. This ties in well with the upcoming release of the historical epic starring Viola Davis. queen, about all the female fighters of the 19th-century Kingdom of Dahomey (modern-day Benin), right? But with the death of Queen Elizabeth II, history overtook that idea.The relationship between women and power is unthinkable without considering the end of the longest period of rule by women in human history.

For some, she was a beloved grandmother figure. To others, she is a steadfast ruler who leads with the softest touch imaginable. Some have failed to pull her away from the darkness of British colonialism. Power, whether inferred by inheritance, politics, or other means, is a complex issue.

took queenis not about an actual monarch but follows a powerful female leader and is set in Dahomey, a country later colonized by France. A group of female warriors is killer story material. History of Enslavement and Conquest.

I wondered if it ever worked or will ever work to value a real-life female leader who can be judged, admired, and vilified in an unfair way. Shows and movies have at least done a decent job of giving us something memorable and sometimes provocative. Considerations for historical women of power.

17 TV Shows And Movies About Real Women In Power

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