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15 plants that are the easiest to grow

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Houseplants evoke joy. They add life and a splash of color to any indoor space and if properly selected and cared for, they can thrive anywhereAnyone who’s ever started an indoor garden knows that caring for houseplants can quickly become a way of life, if not an addiction.Caring for living things is meditative and therapeutic. And the design aspect they bring to your living space drives you to keep growing your botanical collection.

Ultimately, probably I want to become a full mad scientist and create my own plant babies. Plants are not only cost-effective, they are also great fun and help you A big step up in your indoor gardening gameIt may seem confusing at first, but growing new plants from cuttings, buds, or roots is much easier than you think, especially if you choose the right plants. Here are 15 of the easiest homesplant to propagate.

15 plants that are the easiest to grow

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