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15 Norman Lear episodes that changed the history of television

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The 1970s are often referred to as the golden age of cinema, when Filmmakers have combined their love of media history with modern sensibilities to create a challenging classic that rejects pandas. It may not look like that to our perch in the era of Prestige TV,So did the 70’s tubes.

Renaissance of the times Kicked With James L. Brooks and Allan Burns Mary Tyler Moore Show, Which one Imagine a professional woman with a career and an active love life. It’s just a solid break from the stupid and safe show of the previous year.series Produced some successful spin-offs, but Norman Lear All about the family Debut, lead Directly mode (6 seasons), Jeffersons (11 seasons), and Good Times (6 seasons). All about the familyof The creator, producer, and sometimes writer Norman Lear was involved in many of the other blockbusters of the era. Sanford and Son (6 seasons) and One day family (9 seasons).It’s unfair to say he was the only game on television in the 1970s, but it’s hard to imagine the landscape. Without it Normal rear.

In the conservative 1980s, he moved away from characters that were difficult to talk to on television. In the 90’s there was a little more variety in this genre, And a little more sexual openness. Still only I have recently Streaming fInternally ReIt has opened up a market for content that is a bit more challenging and may not be sponsor-friendly. Not just creatorsIt’s about us: the show was put out Norman Lear and his contemporaries in the 1970s were not only clever, but also popular. Even if they deal with Problems such as race, sexual assault and abortion. Maybe it’s not just that the creators of TV have changed, but that we’re smaller.

Rear career continues Far past the 1970s, his various production companies participated In the creation of Some of the most popular shows in the next few decades.He also Established by working for various causes American Way people When Declare yourself, To encourage young people to register to vote. Within the last few years he was (excellent) One day family Reboot, and several other series and documentaries. This week he is 100 years old and has no plans to retire.

From the groundbreaking era of the 1970s,It’s here The most striking and positive episode written and / or produced by Norman Lear.

15 Norman Lear episodes that changed the history of television

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