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15 great feminist films that failed the Bechdel test

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Recent Twitter dustups have questioned the whole point of the Bechdel test.A set of criteria to help measure a woman’s expression in the popular entertainment first presented by. Embankment to watch out for In 1985, cartoonist Alison Becker partially influenced an essay from Virginia Woolf. To be on the safe side, the criteria are as follows (although there are variations): 1) The movie must contain at least two women. 2) People who talk to each other, 3) About things other than men.

In tHe recently Hulu release Queer-Men-centric Fire island movie, New York Magazine Writer Hanna Rosin raised the issue by mentioning the Bechdel test in a tweeted critique. The movie gets “Bechdel Test F-” in a whole new way. To be fair to the writer, she has since deleted tweets and apologized for unnecessarily targeting a rare movie that probably spotlighted a strange AAPI experience.

Nonetheless, Alison Bekudel himself is less valuable about testing than those who criticize it for being overly critical or overly reducing. She responded to the turmoil by carving out her special exemption:

Certainly there is A movie that has passed the Bechdel test, which certainly does not qualify as a feminist masterpiece. Think about the comedy of the 1980s. Tokimeki Science Passed, but the story of two nerds who use science to make hot girlfriends may not have been in mind by Bechdel. Similarly, as we’ll see, some movies don’t pass, but we’re still proud of the feminist confidence.

I use the broadest possible definition of feminism here. A movie with characters and themes that directly challenge misogyny, and a movie featuring a well-developed, non-stereotyped female-identified character at an agency.

15 great feminist films that failed the Bechdel test

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