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15 adaptations that changed (or improved) the source material

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The usual suspect is deep I was heartbroken by the latest trailer for a Disney movie (as if I had nothing to worry about).in future remakes little mermaid, Hal Bailey, a black woman, Plays Ariel, who was white in the comics (it would take another 20 years for Disney to make a black princess).

These pA urologist, perhaps, in titular The mer-creature is not portrayed as a terrifying siren, but as a beautiful young woman with a gorgeous singing voice. With deep intentions to bring the sailors to their doom.it must be no reason to get Obsessed with a race of fairy-tale characters whose skin color is irrelevant to the story.)

The Little Mermaid – Official Teaser Trailer

It’s hard to tell just from the trailer, But at least the remake appear good. studio Strings in the live-action remake were a mixed bagbut there remains hope that it might become a masterpiece on par with the original. Tweak original element looks outdated. At this point it’s likely gone too far imagine It has been updated little mermaid intention improve the original But whoever saw those viral young b videogirl not responding trailer can tell me this Version already has Halle Bailey recommending it.

And the Little Mermaid is unlikely to be first film or TV program deviate and/or Improve the respective source material.this makes no sense surely discard the original copy of the book or DVD—that’s all that there is an element that works better for the second (or third)) around the time.

15 adaptations that changed (or improved) the source material

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