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13 Persistent online scams (and how to avoid them)

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This insidious scam mainly targets horny guys. The criminal disguises himself as a woman online, begins a conversation with the naughty man mentioned above, and demands a nude photo. When “she” receives it, the sexy time ends and the blackmail time begins. The scammer sends a text such as “If you don’t send money, send this photo to your entire contact list.” Fearing to be embarrassed and found, Mark does exactly what he was told.Variations include scammers sending nude photos To Victims from “she” and “father” “daughter is 15 years old. If you do not send money, tell the police that there is a child pornographic image of her.”

How to find and avoid this scam: One answer is not to take pictures that you don’t want to share with your contact list. If you send a dangerous photo to a scammer, you’re probably okay. Unless it’s some kind of personal grudge, the scammer probably won’t send your photo to anyone. It takes time to scam someone else. Once they share your photo, there is no reason to send them money anyway. Therefore, block and report, then proceed.

13 Persistent online scams (and how to avoid them)

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