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13 of the most annoying exercises “clues” and what they really mean

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It can be difficult to explain, and body movements are definitely included in the list. Each of the 600 muscles of the body has a specific role in weightlifting and yoga poses. That’s why trainers have come up with metaphors, emotions, and visual explanations to help convey the message. Sometimes one of these clues is just a click, but sometimes you wonder what that means.

We’re going to go through some of the more general clues you’ll hear, but first I’d like to give you a warning about what the “clues” are. These phrases do not explain what the lift should look like. They are intended as fine-tuning in a particular direction. For example, if you lean too far forward on a squat, you may be asked to “sit down.” Those who are already properly balanced should not sit down. It will cause new problems.

This means that not all cues you hear are really for you. The most common clues are aimed at countering common mistakes. This can be heard from general advice and YouTube instructors. Still, you need to use your judgment to determine if the clues are helping you. Or, if you’re working directly with someone, ask for feedback on whether it’s done correctly.

And to be honest, different coaches discuss which clues are most appropriate when. I’m not going to go into any of those discussions. Instead, here’s my best explanation of what each of these weird clues means to let you do.

13 of the most annoying exercises “clues” and what they really mean

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