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13 host gifts that make you a barbecue hero

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It’s the grill season. I’m ready to grill for you, along with fellow BBQ Dads (genderless titles). Gathering people in the yard to stare at skillfully smoked meat is our favorite past time, although we aren’t there for host gifts (we’re there for glory). (I’m here), but it’s still a great move to show up in cooking with a sign of gratitude.

These things do not have to be gifts of capital G. BBQ Dads appreciates a wide range of products, from discreet rolls of paper towels to slightly elaborate ones like thermometers.

I just went grill “Seriously” for over a year, I’ve been on Twitter to see if fellow charcoal and propane enthusiasts have suggestions for cookouts to host gifts. They did.You can check the entire thread hereBut I took the freedom to round up some of my favorite suggestions.

13 host gifts that make you a barbecue hero

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