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12 Reasons Cruise is a Terrible Vacation

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No one in my life who has returned from a cruise has told me an interesting story about their trip.According to David Foster Wallace, in his book Fun things that you will never do again, On a cruise“Your annoying ability to choose, make mistakes, regrets, dissatisfaction, despair is removed” and without them, without the possibility of failure, real enjoyment is impossible.

We’ve listed a lot of unexpected terrible things that can happen on a cruise, but nothing unexpectedly great. The best scenario is that everything goes according to plan and there is a calm week full of hedonistic weak ass, like “I can’t believe how much shrimp I ate at the buffet!” ..Can’t decide to spend another day in Puerto Vallarta Because you met the locals at the bar. You can’t decide that you want to camp more than stay at a hotel. You are not going to discover a little quirky restaurant.What are you going to do with Carnival Cruise Line Decided to enjoy their target market. And that’s the worst, in a nutshell.

12 Reasons Cruise is a Terrible Vacation

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