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12 of Anne Heche’s best performances

Gracie’s Choice – Preview Clip

Whether in television, stage, or film, Heche rarely wanted to work. But tabloid-style coverage of her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres (and its ending) and her mental health struggles has undoubtedly dampened her trajectory. Although seen making her way to the A-list, studios saw her as something a little different by the early 2000s. It was the one that earned her a single Primetime Emmy nomination (she won a Daytime Emmy for her work). another world 1991); she plays Rowena Lawson, the manipulative and substance-addicted mother of Kristen Bell’s Gracie. Concluding that her mother cannot get help, Gracie finally decides to fight for custody of her brother with the help of her grandma Lou (Diane Ladd). Rowena isn’t particularly likable, but Heche takes her humanity through the hard parts. Together the three leads elevate what might have been a more traditional movie of the week.

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12 of Anne Heche’s best performances

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