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12 important podcasts for gamers

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upon Fictional world, Host Eric Morinsky uses research, interviews, and storytelling to look at the nuances and textures of science fiction and fantasy. (Think: NPR meets ComicCon.) With gorgeous production and engineering, Eric has a near-academic view of the politics, history, and importance of books, movies, television, and games, race, and gender. , Obstacles, and voices that have reached their limits are represented by speculative fiction.

This isn’t a game review podcast, it’s a podcast of people who think about the humanity of science fiction. This show runs the color gamut from the automaton, To Camelot To wonder, To LARPing, For children’s cartoon solar punk queer expression, And the archive is packed with game episodes with a unique twist.Eric tells us that there is a problem with the classic tabletop RPG, which is a strange history of revolutionary games. Disco Elysium, Also, how character customization in the game has improved video games for transgender players.

12 important podcasts for gamers

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