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11 Ways to Reuse Old Phones and Tablets

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If you own smart home products, you know how fun they can be to play..Anyone with a smart light can freely change the color of the light bulb to surprise guests, but the product line goes far beyond that... Almost every appliance in an electrically powered home has a smart version. MeIf you go all-in, you will have more devices to manage at once.

You can rely on current smartphone and tablet apps to control all this smart technology, but there is one problem. That is, if you don’t have access to your smartphone or tablet, it’s difficult to control your smart device. Voice controls fill this gap when connected to smart speakers. However, if you don’t have a smart speaker, or you don’t want to talk every time you turn off the light,n Old mobile phones and tablets It was retrofitted to a dedicated smart home controller.

Prace An outdoor device at home that anyone who needs to control a smart device can access.Fine-tune with just a few taps Need to be fine-tuned No need to use The main phone or hurl command in Google Nest.

11 Ways to Reuse Old Phones and Tablets

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