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11 Famous Places That Don’t Actually Exist

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In 1906, explorer Robert E. Peary set out to reach the North Pole. He was unsuccessful, but in a book he wrote back in civilization, he said he looked north from the northernmost point of Canada and saw distant lands. We named it “Crockerland” after the banker George Crocker who provided it.

In 1909, both Peary and Frederick Cook claimed to have been the first to set foot on the North Pole. Rather than telling his supporters that he invented Crockerland to gamble more money from his banker friends, Peary remained silent. rice field. McMillan wrote at the time that “weird animals are undoubtedly out there” and that he “hopes to discover new races”.

McMillan’s force established a base in northwestern Greenland, and in March 1913, McMillan and his force embarked on the 1,200-mile journey across the tundra to Crocker Land. The arduous journey weakened the explorers’ resolve, and all but McMillan, Ensign Fitzhugh Greene, and their two Inuit guides, Pigaattok and Itukusuku, turned around and returned home. The crew reached the edge of the Arctic Ocean on 11 April..

They set out across the perilous frozen seas in search of Crockerland, and on April 21, McMillan saw a huge island in the distance! pressed to After five days of traversing the rapidly melting ice sheet, McMillian realized his guide was right and turned around just before the sea ice broke and returned to solid land.

Later in the expedition, Green kills Piugatock after an altercation over instructions.McMillan and the rest of the Americans covered up the crime and told the Intuit that Piugatock had died in an avalanche. Home until 1917.

Despite their claims, neither Cook nor Peary appear to have actually reached the North Pole. The first confirmed trip to the North Pole was Roald Amundsen’s expedition in 1926.

11 Famous Places That Don’t Actually Exist

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