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10 Tips to Save Your Time

Time is the most expensive resource, which undoubtedly requires savings. If you are one of those for whom careful handling of time is from the category of incomprehensible, then this article will be useful for you. In this review, you will learn about 10 time-saving tips. Therefore, after reading it, you will have a period for fun. You can take your chance with https://clashofslots.com/livegames/game-shows/crazy-time/ and recharge your energy.

Time Saving Tips List

No matter what your hobbies and interests are, you will definitely find inspiration and good ideas of how to spend your time in the best way. So here is a list of 10 time-saving tips.

#1 — Focus on the Essentials

The well-known Pareto law says that the ability to focus on the main thing in each case saves up to 80% of the period it takes to solve a particular problem. 20% of the period you are busy solving the main (80%) block of the problem, and during the remaining 80% of the period, you are polishing the remaining 20%, which few people will pay attention to at all. When doing any business, do not strive for petty perfectionism, it is enough to do the main thing.

#2 — Optimize Your Time

As Parkinson’s Law says, the time you devote to solving a problem will fill it up. Therefore, give up the wording “on Saturday, I will be engaged in the task at hand,” and plan exactly as much time to solve this problem as it takes to do it at an intensive pace.

#3 — Defeat Procrastination

Psychologists Timothy Peachil and Fushia Sirua found that when we procrastinate, we’re not trying to avoid work but rather have negative emotions. We postpone an action when it causes anxiety, confusion, or boredom. By avoiding this, we certainly feel better, but this is not for long.


It often takes us extra moments to tune in to something. Moreover, the setting can take such an amount of time for which you could redo a million such cases. Skip these frills, and you will save a tremendous amount of time. Especially many of us procrastinate flipping through the tape on Instagram, watching cool videos on TikTok, etc. Put your smartphone aside for a few hours, and you will see that you have a great opportunity to solve many pressing matters.

#4 — Do Not Plan in Mind

If you keep thinking about what to do and how to do it, you can spend a lot of this precious resource thinking. Stop thinking and planning — make a decision and act.

#5 — Use Transition Time

Reasonable use of transition times without unexpected pauses are a good way to save a lot of this precious resource. If for every case when you have a free prostitute, you will have a job-ready that you can start right away, you will be able to do absolutely everything. For example, study a foreign language, re-read the classics and keep the house in order.

#6 — Simplify All Things

Ways and methods to simplify everything, find new, effective ways to solve different problems and perform different things. This is cool life hacking in modern management, which is already used by the greatest minds on the planet.

#7 — Do As Much As Possible

Doing more is the easiest way to get more done. Try to give preference to active action over a passive pastime. For example, thinking about cleaning or learning a foreign language is a passive action and will not contribute to your efficiency.

#8 — Prioritize

Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. And this is due to the so-called urgency effect: we tend to prioritize those activities that promise us immediate rewards. Furthermore, this study showed that people choose small urgent tasks with a deadline. Thus, not important tasks will objectively be much more valuable, although they will give a result later.

#9 — Dream

The process of daydreaming makes us more creative, helps us solve problems, and develops creative ideas. Therefore, daydreaming is a good tool for productivity and energy. “If you don’t have the energy, you won’t be productive,” says Chris Bailey, a productivity expert.

#10 — Be Punctual

People who are late often underestimate the time required by 25-30%. To avoid this from happening, you should write down all the tasks and calculate how long it actually takes. Aganga lists will help. And never plan to be on time. Instead, expect to be ahead of schedule. Punctual people always set aside more time, for example on an unpredictable road.

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