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10 of the biggest acting comebacks after the scandal

Imitation of Life Official Trailer #1 – Lana Turner Movie (1959) HD

scandal: gangster boyfriend and murder.

Already an icon in the late 1950s, Lana Turner was not only a popular pin-up model during World War II, she was also a successful and acclaimed actress, her face painted in combat. decorated the machine. Her mid-10s career contraction gave way to what could have been a short-lived resurgence. In 1958, the actress was courted by gangster Johnny Stompanato, the enforcer of the Cohen Crime Family, and began a highly unhealthy relationship punctuated by abuse, stalking, and violent arguments, generally leading the way to reconciliation. I gave away (which was not a good person). On April 4, 1958, Stompanato arrived at Turner and his daughter’s home, determined to cut ties with her daughter, but Turner unsuccessfully tried to get him to leave. Stompanato became characteristically violent and killed Turner’s 14-year-old daughter Cheryl by stabbing him in the stomach.

The ensuing trial uncovered all the ugly details of the relationship, melting Turner into the role of prominent femme fatale and into the public’s mind (conspiracy theories claim she actually stabbed her gangster boyfriend and killed her daughter). Her films released during the period another time, another place,tank. However, she played the role of her mother in her work. That’s the role of struggling single mother Laura Meredith in the Douglas Sirk film. imitation of lifeThe gorgeous tearjerker arrived just in time and became one of the biggest hits of the year. Turner was withholding his salary in order to make money at the box office. This gave her a small fortune.

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10 of the biggest acting comebacks after the scandal

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