10 myths you should stop believing about your pet

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If the goldfish doesn’t belong to the bowl, sure something Is that so? Betta has often been stored in small containers, and it is true that it is probably not as miserable as goldfish in its environment.

But even solids need space, hiding places, and nutrition. Companies often try to market small bowls, vases, and small aquariums as if they were suitable for small fish such as betta. However, some of these sellers do not need to feed the fish, as small fish bowls quickly fill up with fish excrement and leftover food, and the tanks become dirty and unhealthy for the fish. Some claim that you are the only one who needs to give a very small amount.

For some time, I tended to put solids in vases with plants like Spathiphyllum. Perhaps the fish bite the roots of the plant and the excrement of the fish nourishes the plant.this And was always.. Betta is a carnivore and eats insects. Biting the roots of a plant is equivalent to someone trying to eat leather on their shoes in famine. If you love your betta, miniature aquatic shrimp, or other small aquatic pets Support it and install a 5 gallon tank..

10 myths you should stop believing about your pet

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