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10 Household Items “Dirty” Than Toilet Seats: Metallisticles

From the image toilet seat of the article titled & # 39; Dirtier & # 39; 10 Household Objects

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I thought it would be fun to write Listicle about things in the house that are more dirty than the toilet. Mainly because I wanted to be offended about housework.I soon realized that I was almost gone first time the internethack/listArtist To Have this idea..

“X is more dirty than a toilet seat!” For good reason, it’s effectively a sub-genre of the Internet. “Your keyboard: dirty than the toiletIs a hot topic, and almost everything you can think of, from remote controls to dog bowls, is compared to toilet seats. But why is the toilet seat a measure of cleanliness in the first place? And what does it mean that one object is “dirty” than another?

Most of these articles equate “amount of bacteria per square inch” with cleanliness and dirt, but this is not really a useful way to measure dirt. Most of the bacteria that cover everything are not harmful. Bacteria do not smell bad. can not see. So I don’t know how dirty, odorless, harmless microbial-covered things are more dirty than covered ones, but do you vomit? ??

And why is the toilet seat a universal measure of “dirt”? In most homes, toilet seats are frequently cleaned with effective chemicals, especially compared to the number of uses. They are non-perforated. They are dry. They are not the best place for bacteria to grow.

What’s really happening is that the toilet seats are “dirty” in the sense that people sit on them to get rid of junk — dirt is in our hearts. The toilet seat is subjectively “dirty.” Because we know that people are doing dirty work, not objectively dirty. In other words, it may be covered with bacteria. The comparative article gets a lot of attention because it plays with two different definitions of “dirty.” It’s a bold suggestion that car keys are more dirty than toilets, so take a look and discover it as long as you’re ignoring yourself.I think you know Dirty (that is, where people take claps), your car key that is Certainly more dirty than your toilet seat.

That’s why I judged each dirty thing in your home from both a perspective of how many bacteria it hosts than the toilet seat and how dirty it is in that it’s just there. dirty..

10 Household Items “Dirty” Than Toilet Seats: Metallisticles

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