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10 Great Movies About The 10 Worst People Of All Time

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screenshot: Downfall (2004)

There’s a reason why books about Hitler consistently outsell books about Churchill. As long as it is kept at an abstracted distance in words and images, not in our faces and homes, evil is much more convincing than gHmm.

these are Ten Man I’m among the worst people From history to ruthless tyrants, ruthless killers and stockbrokers, their horrifying deeds make for a gripping and haunting film raw material that examines what makes evil tick.probably looking at either These movies help us recognize and avoid real-life evils. Probably not, but it’s a great movie anyway.

Adolf HitlerDownfall (2005)

Downfall – Trailer (2005)

A list like this should start with a modernized big person Genocide, the one and only, most notorious Adolf Hitler.

lots of powerful A movie about the Nazis. downfall It’s my favourite.Based on eyewitness testimony and verifiable facts, presidential bunker, An underground bunker where Hitler, his girlfriend, and his closest allies and their families swarmed like rats in the final days of the war. This fair-style film refuses to be moral or hyperbole. Because seeing Hitler and his enablers in action is the worst thing you can do. figure out.

where to stream: Hoopla, canopy

John Wayne GacyConversations with a Murderer: The John Wayne Gacy Tape (2022)

Conversations with a Killer: John Wayne Gacy Tapes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy is terrifying. He married, ran a KFC, worked as a shoe salesman, and was active at JayCees while torturing and murdering his 33 innocent boys in his suburban Chicago home. I was. He also dressed up as a clown for children at local parties. shivering.

This documentary series ishen what wwhere and hAll the flows that went down in Gacy’s case, but actually, whyEven if Gacy listens to him in his own words, he doesn’t understand his actions.

where to stream: netflix

Idi Amin DadaThe Last King of Scotland (2006)

last king of scotland

Ugandan warlord Idi Amin Dada was one of the most brutal dictators of our time, but Forest Whitaker’s career-defining portrayal shows that Amin’s rule over the Ugandan people was not based solely on fear. Like the most dangerous tyrants, he possesses a hypnotic charisma, concealing a poisonous heart with a wide smile and abs.Slap and laugh until it’s too late to run away. last king of scotland It’s a chilling film about the insidious charm of a dictator, especially for idealists who assume strangers have good intentions.

where to stream: Stars, Direct TV

Elizabeth BathoryChastity Bites (2013)

Chastity Bites *official trailer*

Elisabeth Bathory was a Hungarian noblewoman who is said to have tortured and murdered as many as 650 people. Her favorite victims were young girls, as she thought bathing in her virgin blood could preserve her eternal youth if she believed her accusers. chastity bites has exploited modern high schools by organizing a religious chastity pledge program to ensure that Bartholly’s beauty regimen worked and that she was still alive and that her victims were virgins. It’s a horror/comedy. This underrated film is low-budget and rough-hewn, but funny and smart, with horror genre sex=death obsession, right-wing hypocrisy, his teenage culture of emptiness, materialism, beauty obsession, and more. distorting everything. It was happening in America in 2013.

where to stream: Tubi, FreeVee

Jordan BelfortThe Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The official trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street

all right, Probably Jordan Belfort He’s not one of the worst people in history. wolf of wall street It is very interestingcandy color The movie, it elevates his penny stock scam to something spectacular. He represents here the sickness of unbridled greed and immorality (that is, capitalism) — the idea Countless small actions of those who are not that can still be bad Add to the HUGE one.

where to stream: Prime Video, Paramount+, Epic, DirecTV, Showtime

Ed Gein and Elmer Wayne HenryTexas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) – Movie Trailer

Plainfield Ghoul Ed Gein’s gruesome crimes Psychonormal bates and texas chainsaw massacreleatherface (and By extension, all slashers since movie villains). Director Tobe Hooper blends Gein’s insane chaos with the more organized (but less brutal) style of Houston serial killer Elmer Wayne Henry to create a twisted Sawyer family at the heart of the film. I was. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I have seen many of horror movies, And this is the most terrifying, the most unforgiving so far make.

Where to stream: FuboTV, Paramount+ Showtime, AMC+, Tubi, DirecTV, Shudder

various – Act of Killing (2013)

The Act of Killing Official Trailer 1 (2013) – Documentary HD

If your thoughts of a good night stare into the deepest depths I have a movie recommendation for you about the abyss of human evil! act of murder is a documentary about some of the butchers who massacred over a million people in Indonesia in the mid-1960s. because rare you OKWhen death squads became the nation’s government, these mass murderers were never brought to justice. They paid off. Fifty years later, the head of the Death Squad is an evil senator—A celebrity of sorts, but celebrities are clearly feared by everyone.

act of murder Ask these men to recreate the crime as a movie sequence. They cast themselves as action heroes because they’re too conceited and too stupid to understand that they’re really being asked to explain themselves, but the introspection needed to make art makes them You can’t always maintain a facade because of coercion. Consider what they did.

where to stream: Hulu, Roku, Hoopla, Tubi, Fandor, Pluto

Tomas de Torquemada — Witchfinder General (1968)

Witchfinder General Trailer

of witchfinder general, Horror icon Vincent Price delivers an uncharacteristically restrained, chilling performance inspired by the life and crimes of Tomas de Torquemada, Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition.

Like real people, “religious” men travel from town to town, torturing people and burning heretics at the stake. witch finder generalaI’m not a fanatic. They are ruthless operators. No one seriously believes in witches, heretics, or God, including the Inquisition, victims, and townspeople who want to see public executions. They believe in money and power, and it’s perfectly fine to kill inconvenient people for scraps of either. The truth is a million times scarier than any other witch.

Where to stream: Hoopla

Vlad the Impaler — Nosferatu (1922)

NOSFERATU 100th Anniversary Trailer

Known for his endless cruelty, Vlad the Impaler (also known as Vlad Dracula) ruled as Prince of Wallachia from 1448 to 1462. In these 14 years he kills about 20% of the population there, boils people alive, makes his parents eat babies, and impales his victims from his butt to mouth with a pointed spear. —Hence the “Impaler” title.

Vlad inspired the title character of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, it inspired every movie vampire.However NosferatuHis vampire isn’t a cultured, seductive aristocrat like Universal’s Bela Lugosi. DraculaHe’s a straight monster like the real Vlad the Impaler. All claws and teeth, no charm. nevertheless Nosferatu Immortal like the undead ghouls of 100 years ago.yet scaredand FW Murnau’s Chiaroscuro, a German expressionist production design, is a more striking and stylish setting for Dracula than any other vampire film.

where to stream: AMC+, Roku, Hoopla, Tubi, Kanopy. Redbox, DirecTV, Shudder

Al Capone – Untouchable (1987)

The Untouchables (1987) Trailer #1 | Movie Clip Classic Trailer

Movies usually glorify organized crime.It’s easy to get viewers to root for a cool antihero, especially when he wears a nice suit, but the truth is, mobified dudes like Al Capone are the worst criminals. The “organized” part of crime not only breaks the law, it shakes the foundations of society.aw itself, and lThe only thing that keeps our society semi-civilized.

untouchable We don’t take easy ways to glorify Capone’s misdeeds. Instead, it takes the much harder road of asking us to root for lantern-jawed G-man Elliot Ness and his Law and Order crew. Bringing is tax evasion.

where to stream: HBO Max, DirecTV

10 Great Movies About The 10 Worst People Of All Time

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