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10 cheap ways to build a fence in your garden

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Strong Points: A wooden pallet is a rough square platform on which things are transported. They’re literally everywhere, and anyone who’s ever delivered bulk construction or landscaping materials, or large appliances, probably has a lot lying around. Warehouses and stores also tend to have a myriad of trash, often found in the back bin. So you probably get it for free. One tip is to look for the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) logo.— which means it has been treated to resist worms and rot. You’ll probably have to dye or seal them and then attach them to your posts. The cheapest fence in the world that looks rustic and chic.

Cons: Pallets are not made to last.what you save Probably very battered and weathered and would need some TLC. It must be dyed or waterproofed. Perhaps replace some nails or screws to ensure stability. And while “rustic chic” is one great design goal, it often turns out to be much more rustic than chic. Good looking.

price: That said, prices for this fencing start at $0 (if you can find enough unwanted pallets and have some kind of post handy).without buying post, this option Not expensive at all.

10 cheap ways to build a fence in your garden

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